we are a san francisco-based, mechanical engineering consulting firm established in 1993.

We provide services to architects, facility owners, public agencies, and developers for projects with specialized needs.


We've got what you need!

MHC was founded on the belief that the best solution requires more than just meeting the bottom line. In our engineering design, we work dynamically with our clients to meet their specific set of contextual needs from site and sustainability, to acoustics and user specific design. We do not cut-and-paste solutions. In our 30 years of experience designing projects for the Bay Area and beyond, we have a reputation for getting the job done in an efficient manner. We bring all of that experience to the table for every new project while staying current with the latest innovations in technology.

MHC's flexible structure is what allows us to put our most appropriate resources behind each project. As a small firm, our project teams maintain the agility required for success in this complex and volatile building industry. The client contact with project leaders and engineers is streamlined and clear. All project design decisions are discussed, critically evaluated and revised by the entire project team while maintaining constant communication with the client. Our emphasis is on high quality processes that produce high quality results.


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